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jewish-starThe Jewish people are an awesome nation who have kept the fire of their faith burning despite thousands of years of exile and persecutions;

torchEach generation passed that flame onto the next like runners in a relay race. Each one protected their torch through personal self-sacrifice, often through sacrificing their very lives;

shabbos-tableThe generational transmission would take place by ‘osmosis’. Just by virtue of a Jewish child living in an insulated community, he would sense in a deep place within himself the tangible excitement before a Shabbos, the triumph in the story of the Megillah, the solemn yet hopeful anticipation of a nation beseeching their Creator at Kol Nidre; it was ‘in the air’.

sefer-torahNowadays, as those feelings become less and less tangible in Jewish communities at large, it is time to consider not to rely totally upon the “generational transmission” taking place through ‘osmosis’;

In order to protect the torch and keep the flame burning, it may be necessary to inform our children of the reasons for ‘why we do what we do’, and why it’s such a privilege to be Jewish; what’s the goal of life that we believe in as Jews, and what exactly is the message that we carry for the world.

Become Wise by finding Out the Jewish Why’s


“If you or someone you know is one of the many people today who are not totally satisfied with hearing the “what to-do’s” or “what not-to-do’s” without the “why’s”, who don’t feel “on fire” just through the air of your surroundings — then the recently published “It’s all for the Good!” can help you to understand what’s going on “behind the scenes” — and maybe even make you feel proud of the supernal message for the world which you carry.”